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When you step ashore from your MSC Northern Europe cruise in Cork, everywhere there is evidence of its history as a great mercantile centre, with grey-stone quaysides, old warehouses, and elegant, quirky bridges spanning the River Lee to each side of the city’s island core.
But equally powerful draws are its lively atmosphere and large student population, combined with a vibrant social and cultural scene. Massive stone walls built by invading Normans in the twelfth century were destroyed by William III’s forces during the Siege of Cork in 1690, after which waterborne trade brought increasing prosperity, as witnessed by the city’s fine eighteenth-century bow-fronted houses and ostentatious nineteenth-century churches.

The graceful arc of St Patrick’s Street – which with Grand Parade forms the commercial heart of the centre – is crammed with major chain stores. Just off here on Princes Street, the English Market offers the chance to sample local delicacies like drisheen (a peppered sausage made from a sheep’s stomach lining and blood).

The west of the city is predominantly residential, though Fitzgerald Park is home to the Cork Public Museum, which focuses on Republican history. Kinsale, 25km south of Cork city, is also waiting to be enjoyed on an MSC Northern Europe cruise excursion. Kinsale enjoys a glorious setting at the head of a sheltered harbour around the mouth of the Bandon River.

Two imposing forts and a fine tower-house remain as evidence of its former importance as a trading port, and Kinsale has built on its cosmopolitan links to become the culinary capital of the southwest. Add in plenty of opportunities for watersports on the fine local beaches and a number of congenial pubs, and you have a very appealing, upscale resort town.

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    アイルランドのクルーズは、まさに絵に描いたようなロマンチックな旅。 類まれな豊潤な自然環境と大西洋の暖流による穏やかな気候に恵まれたこの小さな島では、湖と原始的な湿原が織りなす多様性に富んだ風景が、訪れる者に驚きと感動をもたらします。 アイルランド東部には、ウィックロウヒルズの花崗岩の段丘があり、そこから2、3キロメートルほど離れたカラには馬の放牧風景に彩られた広大な平原が広がり、鮮やかなコントラストを描き出します。また、西海岸沿岸にはコネマラ国立公園があり、海岸から山岳部、そして低湿地帯へ、海藻が茂る入江からユリの花に覆われた湖まで、数時間の散策でさまざまな自然の表情を楽しむことができます。


    ダブリンの南へ足を延ばすと、そこには荒涼としたウィックロウ・マウンテンの雄大な風景が広がり、都心の喧騒との鮮やかなコントラストを生み出しています。 アイルランド南沿岸部にはコークの海岸線が続き、複雑に入り組んだ入江や岬に歴史ある港が点在。コークの街はこれらの港をつなぐハブ都市であり、活気溢れる文化の街でもあります。