St. Peter Port

Capital of Guernsey
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St. Peter Port

The island capital

An MSC Northern Europe cruise offers the unique opportunity to visit St Peter Port on the island of Guernsey.

Jersey and Guernsey are the two largest islands in the archipelago of the Channel Islands, an independent state and British Crown dependency, and are only 16-50km from the French coasts and 105km from the English coasts. Your MSC cruise will take you to one of the Channel Islands, the one with its capital, St Peter Port.

French writer Victor Hugo lived for fifteen years in exile in this neat little town built around the port (1855-70). One can still visit his home – the Hauteville House – turned into a museum by his heirs and by the City of Paris, a beautiful elegant white building with a wonderful garden full of heirlooms of this great intellectual.

In Guernsey, your MSC cruise of Northern Europe will also give you the opportunity to visit the Cornet Castle, a fortress that has been protecting the ships at anchor in St Peter Port since at least the 13th century, although it was rebuilt in the 19th century.

Cornet Castle is an ideal tour also for children, with its five museums ranging from military history to naval history. Another attraction in Guernsey as you will find out during your MSC excursion on land, is the Guernsey Diamond Museum and the Guernsey Pearl workshop, for jewels enthusiasts to enjoy. The best way to enjoy the crisp air of the Channel Islands however is to take a walk in the country, with a visit to the Orchid Fields on the western coast of Guernsey, a real fest for the eyes in the summer when the flowers are in bloom.

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    イギリス、つまり グレートブリテン及び北アイルランド連合王国は、イングランド、ウェールズ、スコットランド、北アイルランドの4つの国で構成される多文化、多民族国家です。 例えば、スコットランド人やウェールズ人をイングリッシュ(イングランド人)と呼ぶのはタブーです。





    スコットランドの魅力は、渓谷や山頂、湖が織りなす自然美と西海岸に浮かぶ島々の雄大な風景グラスゴーエディンバライギリスで最も魅力的な街として知られています)から気軽にお出かけいただけます。 そして最後に、イギリスの旅のフィナーレを飾るのは、北アイルランド。首府ベルファストと壮大なジャイアンツ・コーズウェーを訪れます。