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A metropolis waiting to be discovered!
The peaks of Tateyama Mountain Range
The typical houses of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

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A Lush Natural Beauty

From the port of Fushiki your destination is Toyama. During your MSC cruise you can visit this city, the capital of the same prefecture, situated on the island of Honsū. Right on the Japanese sea, Toyama has a population of over one million. Surrounded on three sides by steep mountains, it enchants visitors with its lush natural beauty.

On an excursion you can reach Tateyama Kurobe, a truly spectacular route through the Northern Alps of Japan in Chubu-Sangaku national park, and admire wonderful landscapes. In winter the mountains are covered in snow and in spring, between the towns of Midagahara and Murodo, an impressive and spectacular "snow corridor" forms, whose walls can reach 20 meters. It is a walk that will take your breath away and that has become a national tourist attraction.

Further south, the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama were declared UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1995. Situated in the heart of the mountains, they attract tourists from all over the world who come to see their traditional gassho-zukuri style houses, that is houses with steep thatched roofs that resemble the Buddhist monks palms placed together in prayer. In actual fact the steep roofs are designed to withstand heavy snow fall during the winter. The houses are about 18 metres long and 10 metres high and houses four floors where different generations of the same family live. The last floor of the house is dedicated to silkworm farming.

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    MSCグランド・ボヤージュ の日本を巡るコースでは、「コントラストの美しい国」の大きな魅力を発見する事ができるでしょう。日本を訪れた外国の人々は、過去と現在が苦もなく共存している姿に常に驚かされるといいます。思いがけない美しい風景、とても礼儀正しい人々 、そして歴史感覚 と大切な伝統文化を体験できる国として人気を集めています。神秘的かつ興味を掻き立てる文化を覗き見る機会を満喫してください。