Canary Islands and Morocco

The kaleidoscopic charm of a remote archipelago
An enchanted journey along the desertic coasts of Africa
History, culture, tradition and hospitality

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The magic of the ocean, just round the corner
The magic of the ocean, just round the corner

Once you pass the  Pillars of Hercules, a mythical landscape opens onto an unlimited horizon: the ocean. Your holiday on an MSC Cruise starts right here with the wonders of the spicy, multi-coloured North African coast and the kaleidoscopic charm of the Canaries. The archipelago is formed by a series of islands blassed with the best climate in the world. Temperate and pleasant, enjoy the charm of Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife. Tis magical journey skirts the coasts of Africa, between Casablanca and Tangiers. A unique experience that offers everythings a traveller could hope  to find: history, culture, tradition and hospitality, delicious food with unexpected flavours, relaxation and nature in all its powerful and majestic forms, from the oceanic beaches to the desert, from gentle valleys to imposing mountains. You cannot help but be fascinated by this destination which will surely remain forever in your heart and memory, in the way that only   a profound really does.