Puerto del Rosario

The famous Playa Blanca
The Parque Escultorico (Sculpture Park)
Fossils and cliffs

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Puerto del Rosario/Fuerteventura

Discovering the capital of Fuerteventura

Once disembarked from your MSC cruise ship in Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura, you will realise that you already have all the you need to enjoy your vacation in Fuerteventura
Immediately to the south, sits Playa Blanca (White Beach), the most famous and largest beach on the island, famous for its waves and excellent conditions for surfing, windsurfing and sunbathing. Puerto Escondido and El Pertito, two beaches of untarnished beauty, are situated slightly farther away.

An MSC cruise to the Canary Islands and Morocco is also a unique opportunity to visit Parque Escultorico (Sculpture Park) of Puerto del Rosario, a group of fifty or so statues immersed in the bustle of everyday city life; and the old port, with its concentration of traditional buildings.

A short distance from the port of Corralejo, on the other hand, there are beaches with sand dunes that are a treat to any cruise goer. In the Caves of Ajuy, the sea has chiselled the coast creating features that seem to have come out of a dream. Getting to them, however, requires a little bit of an effort. Ajuy in itself is a green oasis in the middle of a dessert, almost moon-like landscape.

Before you arrive, stop to admire the beaches of Cofete and Pared, and the cliffs of Cotillo, where the trade winds batter the coast. In Ajuy, follow the path excavated in the cliffs and travel back in time by observing six different, clearly distinguishable fossil formations.

Your destination is La Cueva, a cave 40 metres above the sea. A little further down, one can see the Puertito de la Peña, a safe refuge in the wind-battered coast of Barlovento. Don’t forget to visit higher ground and go on an excursion to Betancuria, where the still active Church of Santa Maria de Betancuria, dating back to 1404, the year of the foundation of the city, stands. Climb to Mirador Morro Velosa (610 m) to enjoy an excellent view of the entire island.

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    Love at first sight
    Love at first sight

    The Atlantic Ocean “plays host” to the Canary Islands, a complex of six volcanic islands belonging to Spain.

    A mild climate, lush vegetation, exotic food, and history; it is impossible not to fall in love with these little pieces of paradise. An MSC cruise to the Canary Islands and Morocco will take you first to the cities of southern Spain. The first city that you will visit is Cartagena, in Murcia. Roman in origins, it has come under Arab influence and today, is a treasure chest of history and marvellous architecture encircled by the famed Muralla del Mar (Sea Wall). Your voyage to Spain will continue to Cadiz, in Andalusia, Spain’s most sensual and caliente region, where flamenco, tapas, the typical bite-sized dishes, and bullfighting were born.

    The final stop of your MSC cruise is the Canary Islands: Tenerife with its crystal-clear waters, splendid beaches and Pyramids of Güímar; Gran Canaria, also called the Island of Wellbeing for the curative effects of its mineral waters; and La Palma, where favourable climate conditions have resulted in an installation of an important astronomical observatory equipped with several telescopes protected by curious white structures at the top of Roque de los Muchachos.