Seydisfjordur Church
Gufufoss Waterfalls

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A Delightful Stroll through the Icelandic Fjords

A place where the waterfalls “sing”, full of colorful wooden houses surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Welcome to Seydisfjordur, Iceland, the next destination in the eastern fjords on your MSC cruise.

It is a small fishing village inhabited by 700 people: a single, large, welcoming, friendly family that loves to share its goodness with tourists and visitors. Rich in history and creativity, Seydisfjordur will surprise you with its delightful hiking trails and thriving art scene. It is for this reason that it is home to an international community of musicians, artisans and students.
One of the symbols of the city, among the most recognizable in Iceland, is undoubtedly the blue church of Seydisfjordur. With its particular color and style, it has become a tourist destination that is not to be missed. The church originally stood on the Dvergasteinn farm and in 1882 was transferred to Vestdalseyri, but in 1894, it was destroyed and damaged by a huge storm. The church was then rebuilt, this time inside the peninsula, remaining there until 1920 when it was transferred to the heart of Seydisfjordur. In 1989, the blue church was once again damaged by a fire during the renovation of the building and the pipe organ was destroyed by the flames.
Near the village of Seydisfjordur, you can also admire the Gufufoss waterfalls, one of the largest and most striking in the area, whose name means “steam falls”. The road that crosses the plateau to reach this enchanted place is filled with beautiful views that should not be missed.
To end your tour, head off to see Tvisongur, a “sound” sculpture composed of five domes built in 2012 by German artist Lukas Kühne. Inside the sculpture, located on a mountain above the city, you can hear sounds, whispers, and singing amplified creating a truly unique, evocative atmosphere.

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    アイスランドの旅は、異次元の世界と出会う旅。 想像をはるかに超える、驚きに満ちた島。それがアイスランドです。
     首都のレイキャビクが、活気溢れる芸術と文化の都であることや、 アイスランドの豊かな大自然を育んでいるのが、その穏やかな気候であることはあまり知られていません。夏の気温は意外と温暖で、冬の空がオーロラ(アイスランド語で「ノルズルリョース「北の光」)に彩られる頃は、思いのほか寒さも感じられません。

    煮えたぎる泥の沼、豪快に吹き上げる間欠泉、氷河、そして滝。アイスランドは見どころに溢れています。 ミヴァトン湖畔でゆっくりとバードウォッチングを楽しんだり、世界有数のクジラの観察地であるアイスランド周辺海域でホエールウォッチングツアーに参加されてはいかがでしょう。