The North Sea Canal (Nordzeekanaal)
The IJmuiden Bunker Museum 
The Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland

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A reassuring view

Located amidst the woods and the uncontaminated lagoons of the Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland, you can admire the town of IJmuiden, on the Nordzeekanaal during your MSC cruise of Northern Europe.
In IJmuiden your cruise ship will lay anchor in the waters of the North Sea Canal (Nordzeekanaal) one of the most gigantic, hydraulic engineering works in the world. It is this 24km long canal that enables big ships to reach Amsterdam. IJmuiden is a quiet town with small, red brick houses, each with its own little front garden.

This is a seaside resort for the Dutch but, above all, an important fishing centre; its fish market is the second largest in the country and its port is amongst the first ten largest ports in Western Europe. IJmuiden is less than 150 years old and originally it was just the place where the labourers working on the Nordzeekanaal lived.

Later, in the course of the second world war, it was requisitioned by the Germans who turned it into a sort of fortress, as you can see when you visit the Ijmuiden Bunker Museum. While on your MSC cruise of Northern Europe, and particularly when in the Netherlands, the greatest attraction are the canals. Less than 15km from IJmuiden, an excursion to Haarlem will take you to a place where you can enjoy a rhythm and an atmosphere which are very different to those of the port where you landed.

A former centre for the production of textiles, it is a medium size town with an attractive centre definitely worth visiting. On the banks of the Spaarne river you will find the characteristic de Adriaan, a hexagonal mill built in 1778 but rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in1932.

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    オランダの休暇は、国土の多くを干拓地が占め、その大半が海面下に位置するこの「低い土地」の偉業を体感する旅です。 国土の5分の1は、川や湖などの水面に覆われ、 防波堤がなければ、国の3分の2は常に洪水被害に脅かされることになります。

    オランダでもっとも低い場所は、なんと標高マイナス7メートル。ヨーロッパ一低い地点でもあります。 オランダを訪れるクルーズでは、遮るもののないどこまでも続く空、その下に広がる肥沃な平地、そしてその平地に格子目のように張り巡らされた水路や運河が織りなす雄大な風景に出会えます。一方、オランダの農村地帯では細い運河沿いに茅葺屋根の住宅や教会が立ち並ぶ昔ながらの素朴な街の風景に出会えます。