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Haugesund, an ancient Viking settlement located on the atmospheric Karmsundet sound, is surrounded by pristine Norwegian forests. This MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination boasts striking architecture including the Neo-Classical Town Hall and the charming Our Saviour’s Church.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see and experience including:
• Åkrafjorden
• Viking History
• Haraldshaugen Monument
Åkrafjorden is a fjord in Norway’s Hordaland County, known for its spectacular scenery. On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll take a relaxing cruise to the Langfoss waterfall which is said to have mystical powers that assists fertility! Discover Eljervik Farm and Unni Marie Rosemaling — a workshop dedicated to 'rosemaling', a traditional decorative painting style. Browse the shop and explore the garden, before enjoying some leisure in Haugesund. 
The Nordvegen History Centre, located in the village of Avaldsnes, is your first stop on an exciting MSC Cruises excursion. Here, you’ll learn about former kings and princes before browsing curious artefacts and archaeological wonders. Discover Norway’s mythical past — a world filled with sorcerers, female warriors, and mighty Norse gods! Then, stop by the Viking Settlement, on a small grassy island, which houses a wealth of historical architecture.
The port city of Haugesund, located on the strait of Karmsundet, has been a passing point for ships for centuries. On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll discover a host of interesting sites such as the 1872 National Monument of Haraldshaugen. This striking granite obelisk marks the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Hafrsfjord, where King Harald Fairhair defeated rival chieftains before uniting Norway into one kingdom. The monument stands on the King’s supposed burial ground and was designed by prominent Norwegian architect Christian Christie.

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    ノルウェーで過ごす夢のような休暇。 ノルウェーを象徴する大自然の造形美、フィヨルドを巡る夢の旅へ。


    MSCクルーズの北欧クルーズでは、また、オーロラが織りなす感動的な自然美を鑑賞。夏季には、北極圏ならではの神秘的な白夜を体験します。 ノルウェーでは、2つの古代文明、ヴァイキングサーミの足跡をたどるのも、旅の醍醐味のひとつ。ヴァイキングは単なる海賊や戦い好きの部族ではありませんでした。彼らは商人、探検家かつ植民地開拓者であり、11世紀まで300年以上にわたりスカンジナビア半島と北大西洋地域を統治していました。一方、サーミの人々はこの地方の先住民族で、カラフルな民族衣装(コルト)を身にまとい、大規模なトナカイの遊牧を行いながら、1万年以上にわたり北欧の奥地で生活を営んできました。

    旅の間は、トロル(トロール)にご注意! 北欧クルーズでは、このノルウェーの伝承に登場する妖精にちなんで名付けられた場所をいくつも訪問します: トロルヘイム(トロルの家)山地、トロルスティーゲン(「トロルのはしご」という意味の美しい山岳道路)、トロルヘッタン(トロルのボンネット)、トロールヴェゲン(トロルの壁)など。