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Overlooking the sea, the joyful town of Nynäshamn, a destination for lovers of sailing, is one of the stops of a Northern Europe MSC cruise.

It is located about 60km from Stockholm. During the 1912 Olympics, hosted by the Swedish capital, sailing competitions were held in the waters off this town, which was easily reached by train. Today, it is also a destination of ferries coming from Poland, Latvia and Gotland Island, the capital of which, Nisby, is the other stop of the MSC cruise to Sweden. An excursion will take you to Stockholm to visit its Royal Palace, an extraordinary example of Baroque architecture and the official residence of the Swedish royal family, whom, however, actually reside in Drottningholm Castle, a private building. A must-see stop is the Skansen, the first open-air museum in the world.

Here you can admire all of Sweden in miniature, with 160 dwellings from different periods including Lapland villages. A trip to Stockholm has great surprises in store, such as the unbelievable ice bar. Made entirely from ice, including tables and chairs, it was constructed in 2002 using ice imported from the Torne River, in northern Sweden. The temperature inside the locale is obviously below zero so that the ice does not melt. For this reason, the staff supplies customers with warm capes.

Even modern literature is a great protagonist of the capital: you can participate in the Millennium Tour, dedicated to the trilogy of the same name written by Stieg Larsson, the writer and journalist who passed away in 2004 after successfully creating a literary phenomenon turned big-screen thriller; or visit the home of Pippi Longstocking, the lovable girl brought to life by the pen of Astrid Lindgren, who has become the symbol of the city.

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    スウェーデンの休暇は、湖と森林を満喫する旅。 スウェーデンの都市や町はヨーロッパの標準よりも小規模で、そのほとんどがスウェーデン南部に位置。人口の大多数がこれらの都市に集中しています。

    数ある都市の中でも特に美しいのが、首都のストックホルムです。 メーラレン湖とバルト海の入江に位置するこのスウェーデンの首都は、風光明媚な14の島々で構成されています。素晴らしい建築美と立派な美術館や博物館に彩られ、スウェーデン屈指の文化イベントやナイトライフを満喫できます。

    西海岸にあるスウェーデン第二の都市ヨーテボリは、ストックホルムと並ぶ人気の観光地です。 街の住人は、スウェーデンで最もフレンドリーな人々として知られ、街の中を縦横に流れる運河や広々とした街路がアムステルダムを彷彿とさせる街並みは、オランダ人建築家によって設計されました。