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St. Helier/Jersery

The Deep Blue Waters of the English Channel

Saint Helier is found on the island of Jersey, the largest in the English Channel and is one of the twelve parishes and capital of the city that takes its name from Saint Helier, an ascetic hermit who lived on the island in the 6th century.

On your MSC cruise, you will have the chance to explore this extravagant place full of charm, history and culture.
Until the end of the 18th century, Saint Helier consisted mainly of a series of houses, shops and warehouses that stretched along the coastal dunes on either side of the church and adjacent market. Today, many places in this beautiful city have been formally listed as special interest sites by the Jersey Department of Planning and Environment.
One of these is Elizabeth Castle, a dark stone castle located on an islet at the end of the bay where Saint Helier is located. The current building is named after Elizabeth I, who was Queen of England in the 16th century when the castle was built.
The focal point of the city is Liberation Square, built in 1995 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jersey. At the center of the square is a monument in remembrance of the end of the German occupation at the conclusion of the Second World War. There is a large statue in the middle of a fountain depicting a group of citizens holding a flag of the United Kingdom blowing in the wind. To the north of the square is Hotel Pomme D'Or, which was used by the Nazis as their headquarters during the occupation.
One of the most curious features of Saint Helier is a statue of a toad. The island is actually the only one in the Channel that boasts a species of indigenous toad, a British variety that is unique and different from those present in the rest of England, given protected status and monitored to ensure its survival.

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    イギリス、つまり グレートブリテン及び北アイルランド連合王国は、イングランド、ウェールズ、スコットランド、北アイルランドの4つの国で構成される多文化、多民族国家です。 例えば、スコットランド人やウェールズ人をイングリッシュ(イングランド人)と呼ぶのはタブーです。





    スコットランドの魅力は、渓谷や山頂、湖が織りなす自然美と西海岸に浮かぶ島々の雄大な風景グラスゴーエディンバライギリスで最も魅力的な街として知られています)から気軽にお出かけいただけます。 そして最後に、イギリスの旅のフィナーレを飾るのは、北アイルランド。首府ベルファストと壮大なジャイアンツ・コーズウェーを訪れます。